My Top 3 Music Podcasts

I never miss an episode of these three:

Number 1: Irish and Celtic Music Podcast

I absolutely love this show and I’m basically writing this post in order to share it with my friends. It always uplifts my spirits and puts me in a good mood. Mark Gunn brings such a variety and quality of tracks it’s astounding and it’s my favorite podcast to drive to.

Number 2: Pure Trance Radio Podcast

Continuous steady beats and beautiful melodies make this one my favorite workout podcast. The musical mood Solarstone has curated has just the right amount of reflective and encouraging for exercising. The podcast episodes that end with the letter X are long mixes without anyone talking over them, although I have to say that the chatter isn’t too intrusive in the regular episodes anyway.

Number 3: The Hospital Records Podcast

If I had an agenda to convince my friends of the variety and excellence of Drum N Bass music this is the podcast I’d have them listen to. London Elektricity is my favorite DJ and I am seriously considering going overseas to see him perform someday. He has a way of showing tracks in their best light with a lot of creative song choices and mixing. On the podcast he does talk quite a bit and occasionally goes into politics, which may or may not be your cup of tea.